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Given the rapid advancement of technology, Nelt has recognized the need to modernize its applications and the entire IT platform. They choose Nephos to assess the current state of NELT Market system, design the modern new architecture, and upskill all involved in creating Nelt’s digital future.

GDi and Nephos established a long-term partnership focused on several strategic outcomes supporting GDi product strategy, including increasing the scalability of GDi Ensemble products, reach, and continuous innovation.

To ensure its high level of technology readiness and quality and permanent technological improvement embedded in its products, Spiroflex needs to concentrate on their core business and outsource other supportive functions. 

One of those detected functions is IT, too. Spiroflex chose us as a trusted partner for providing an optimal business productivity stack of tools. 

“Nephos is a highly-skilled partner with professional consultants, who help us make wise architectural and technical decisions for our digital future.”

Milan Bukorović, Chief Information Officer, Nelt Group

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Technology is what drives us, and learning is our passion. From these two baselines, we created all our services. Starting with assessment as the foundation for building anything of quality, we can work with you on your Digital strategy. We can help you decide on the best approach for your technology stack – to build it or to buy it, and then be your trusted partner throughout the process.

If you choose to build, we can help with upskilling your employees, designing the architecture, implementing DevOps as well as help you with getting your products on the market.

In case you choose to buy the product or technology, you can count on us to help you with procurement and licensing.

If you have everything is in its place and would like to get more out of it – it’s time for optimization. We can help you here in terms of both costs and consumption.

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