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Hello Belgrade

Expansion of the business through a stronger regional presence

As part of our long-term business development strategy, we decided it is time to open the office in Belgrade, Serbia. With this, we are aiming to strengthen our regional presence and cooperation with existing clients and partners.

In addition to growing the business, the opening of the new office will allow us to recruit experts from the industry, creating job opportunities while also increasing the region’s information technology capital.

We will continue to set industry standards by offering our customers ongoing access to resources for increasing their digital acumen.

Tomislav Tipurić

“A substantial portion of our customers come from different countries across Balkans and EU. This makes our work specific and challenging, requiring qualified professionals from both our home country of Croatia and the wider region.

Opening an office in Serbia makes a logical next step in implementing our long-term business expansion strategy by bolstering regional presence. A new office will not only enable us to increase the level of support for our existing community of Nephos partners and consumers, but it will also allow us to expand and grow our business. Furthermore, this move allows us to expand our team of amazing specialists who share our enthusiasm for technology and innovation” Tomislav Tipurić, Nephos Serbia

About Nephos

Nephos supports partners and customers in implementing digital transformation as a foundation for growing their market and enhanced competitiveness. For this, we rely on cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft / Office 365, Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services, as well as our portfolio of products and services with increased added value.

Nephos services are designed to help clients achieve their business goals faster, and enable them to get the most out of their IT investments. Our customers can rely on the expertise of professionals who are familiar with their strategic objectives as well as worldwide technology trends.

October 8, 2021