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The Risks of Avoiding Cloud Technology for Your Company

Is There a Storm Brewing? The Risks of Avoiding Cloud Technology for Your Company

In the past decade, few technologies have revolutionized the way businesses operate like cloud technology. The idea of moving from onsite servers to cloud-based repositories has helped many companies transform their business by streamlining communications, allowing for data sharing across multiple devices, and cutting costs.

With Cloud implementation has come the advent of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. This means that the way we work has had to evolve, with companies putting more focus on collaboration and communication than ever before.

This trajectory isn’t slowing down anytime soon…so it’s time for companies to face up to their risk of not adopting cloud technology or lose out on the potential competitive advantage.

Is a storm brewing on the horizon with your organization? Let’s take a closer look at how Cloud Technology can help businesses reduce costs, improve processes and increase productivity.

How Cloud Capabilities Are Changing Business Operations

Here are just a few of the ways that Cloud capabilities are changing the business landscape: Lower Costs: Since Cloud-based solutions don’t require on-premise equipment, companies can save a significant amount on initial capital outlay—no need to purchase servers and storage systems.

Reduced On-site IT Staffing: With less hardware comes fewer staff required to maintain it. This frees up many IT professionals to focus on productivity-boosting initiatives rather than spending hours tending to servers and equipment every day.

Easier Scalability: Cloud solutions can be scaled up or down as needed, making it easier for employers to add new users when necessary without building out their IT infrastructure.

Seamless Collaboration: All authorized users can see files stored in Cloud-based platforms, making it easy for teams to share projects and collaborate on the fly.

Improved Productivity: Cloud technology offers a wide array of business productivity-enhancing tools that employees can access from anywhere at any time. These include file sharing, messaging, and co-browsing capabilities. It also provides a common platform for business applications, including those used by sales and marketing teams.

Risks of Avoiding the Cloud Revolution

As companies continue to adopt and implement Cloud solutions, the competitive advantage of not doing so will diminish, making it more difficult for non-adopters to recruit and retain top talent.

Cloud technology isn’t just a fad. More businesses are using these technologies each year – some even using them exclusively. Ignoring this trend could put your company at risk of losing valuable data or custom processes and put you at a disadvantage in an industry full of competitive, forward-thinking businesses.

Businesses and organizations that avoid Cloud opportunities risk losing money and opportunities and could find themselves obsolete.

This is why many companies are turning to managed Cloud service providers to help smooth the transition for their business. By using services such as these, companies can kick off their Cloud journey with confidence – knowing that they’ll be able to maintain compliance standards while staying in control of their data.


Start Your Cloud Journey with Nephos

Whether you are on the journey toward Cloud implementation for your operations – or are still on the fence – understanding the process and benefits is crucial to success.

At NephosOnsite, our team of Cloud experts has over 20 years of experience implementing Cloud systems and more with some of the world’s largest technology companies. We work with clients to help them discover their strategic goals and align those with cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and increase productivity.

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February 14, 2022