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Unleashing the Power Within: Vision & Approach

A Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation Consulting for Addressing Complex Business Challenges 

Digital transformation follows and enables the development of modern societies. Although the general narrative emphasizes the word “digital,” we must not overlook the even more critical transformative impact that such projects provide to entrepreneurs once they decide to tackle technological innovations. Therefore, we approach each project individually, seeking to understand the problems’ causes and identify all potential for further development. 

Customer’s problem and vision of a solution 

One of our clients approached us with the challenge of optimizing their processes and developing a digital transformation strategy. While they were a well-established player in their industry, they recognized the need for investment in innovation and technology to improve employee performance, increase efficiency, and foster financial growth.  

Our task was identifying the customer’s problems and ensuring our solutions met their requirements. The customer believed their failure to leverage available technological potential was the primary cause of falling behind their competition. We quickly realized that more than implementing new digital tools are needed to address these complex problems. To deliver meaningful results, we needed to take a step back, assess their existing business processes, identify areas of weakness, and provide comprehensive consulting services aligned with their broader strategic goals.

In one of our first discussions, we determined that the need for new digital tools was just one part of a more extensive range of issues the customer faced daily. By adopting a holistic approach to digital transformation and combining our technological expertise with a thorough understanding of the customer’s business, we developed a customized solution that solved their problems and helped them achieve their strategic objectives. 

Phased approach 

We used a phased approach to provide our customers with business and technology consulting services. In the initial meeting, we discussed fundamental organizational problems from the customer management department’s perspective. These initial meetings aimed to identify bottlenecks in customers’ processes and ensure a better understanding of their business.  

At the first workshop, we also defined the detailed project plan and the project scope that included goals from both technological consulting and business consulting activities. From the technological perspective, we performed an assessment. We created a comprehensive document that described the current state of the customer’s digital systems, identified technical risks, and proposed a concrete improvement plan.  

Following this, we provided business consulting activities, which included developing a digital transformation strategy. We recommended measures and activities to help customers achieve their key strategic goals over a specific period, optimizing technology and business processes and improving human resource management. 

To be continued

You have reached the end of the first of three blogs on the topic of Digital Transformation Consulting for Addressing Complex Business Challenges. Stay tuned for the following blogs about Analysis of the current state and Comprehensive Strategy.  

Josipa Puljić

Josipa Puljić

As a Junior Business Consultant, Josipa brings to Nephos a diverse skill set acquired through 2 years of experience in finance and administration and an additional year of experience in business consulting (primarily in the IT sector). With a Master's degree in Political Science and a specialist's degree in Public Relations, she is well-equipped to tackle the complexities of everyday business challenges. She is particularly passionate about strategic planning, operations, and communication, and has a strong interest in project management, as evidenced by her IPMA-D certification.
June 2, 2023