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Unleashing the Power Within: Analysis of the current state

Laying the Foundation for Digital Success:

An Inside Look at the First Phase of Digital Transformation 

The first phase of the Digital Transformation project focuses on analyzing the current state of the customer’s business. It involves critical stakeholders on the customer side and experts from Nephos. The primary objective of this phase is to identify the main risks that hinder and complicate everyday tasks. During workshops and activities with key employees, data is collected and analyzed from the process, human, and technological perspectives. 

While analyzing the current state, our team focuses on optimizing key business processes and improving human resources management through digital collaboration tools. We define the basic customer process, including all sub-processes, to create a high-quality foundation for further optimization. This allows us to maximize the effects of any digital and HR solutions that should be implemented. 

In addition, we examine the client’s internal communication strategy and propose ways to improve it by using digital tools to increase productivity. We also help the customer define employee roles and responsibilities within the organizational structure and create a system of rewards that will remain applicable regardless of any changes in the organizational structure.

Finally, we examine the organization’s current technological solutions and analyze its overall technical environment. Our goal is to create a comprehensive picture that will serve as the basis for the project’s next phase. By conducting this analysis, we identify areas of improvement and make a plan for implementing effective solutions. 

Through an in-depth analysis of the customer’s current business state, we identify and prioritize critical risks in a comprehensive priority table. Drawing on our expertise, we develop tailored activities and solutions to mitigate these risks, optimize digital and HR solutions, and establish a solid foundation for future project activities. The analysis findings and proposed activities provide a roadmap for the second phase of the project, in which we create a quality, comprehensive, and applicable Digital Transformation Strategy. 

To be continued

You have reached the end of the second of three blogs on the topic of Digital Transformation Consulting for Addressing Complex Business Challenges. Read other blogs from the series about Vision & Approach and Comprehensive Strategy.

Josipa Puljić

Josipa Puljić

As a Junior Business Consultant, Josipa brings to Nephos a diverse skill set acquired through 2 years of experience in finance and administration and an additional year of experience in business consulting (primarily in the IT sector). With a Master's degree in Political Science and a specialist's degree in Public Relations, she is well-equipped to tackle the complexities of everyday business challenges. She is particularly passionate about strategic planning, operations, and communication, and has a strong interest in project management, as evidenced by her IPMA-D certification.
June 17, 2023