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The Future of Tech Mastery: Why IT Teams Need Hands-On Training 

Technology is changing, whether we like it or not, and for IT teams, staying up-to-date with the latest tech trends isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a must. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore why hands-on training is crucial for building ready-to-apply skills. 

The Need for Continuous Learning  

It wouldn’t be the best idea to try running a marathon in your old sneakers, would it? You might manage to run a few kilometers, but you’ll soon fall behind. The same goes for IT. With OpenAI shaping the future, keeping your team ahead of the curve is important. To stay competitive, IT teams must embrace continuous learning. 

Technology Never Sleeps  

The tech world operates 24/7, and that’s something that doesn’t happen by magic. In the ever-changing digital landscape, containerized workloads based on Docker are being orchestrated by Kubernetes, whereas the infrastructure is now provided with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Azure Bicep or Terraform. Needless to say, the task of versioning code needed for such workloads and infrastructure and executing CI/CD pipelines has been entrusted to tools such as AzureDevOps or GitHub. Need to step up your game? Fear not, you can amplify your solutions by order of magnitude using game-changer technologies such as Serverless computing. 

Apache Spark, DataBricks, Synapse Analytics, and Microsoft Fabric might sound like a list of some cool names for a new next-gen video game  –  well, those are not video games, but they are definitely next-gen tools that provide IT teams with powerful ways to streamline data operations, process data efficiently, and create cutting-edge solutions – you can imagine all the endless possibilities when integrating such solutions with powerful OpenAI models. 

On the other hand, the LowCode/NoCode trend allows even non-developers to contribute to app development. With such a diverse set of technologies and solutions available, IT teams are in a constant race to stay relevant. 

Embracing Hands-On Learning  

We all know that theory is good for understanding how things work, but you’ll never truly learn a new skill without rolling up your sleeves. That’s why hands-on training is more important than ever.  

Hands-on learning means diving into real-life tech challenges and mastering the tools and technologies your team relies on. That is why our ‘Hack and Learn’ program offers teams the opportunity to explore a preset sandbox that replicates real-life scenarios without risking your live production environment. 

Which hands-on training is the best for my team? 

When talking about self-paced courses and training, there are numerous options to choose from. What will truly make a difference for your team is selecting a hands-on learning approach with a team-based focus. This approach excels in building strong teams through challenge-based learning. By collaborating and solving one challenge after another, your team will acquire precisely what they need to succeed in today’s tech-driven world.  

Also, consider the valuable resource – time. Instead of enduring weeks of slow-paced learning, hands-on training provides your team with the advantage of a three-day intensive program

The future of tech mastery is here, and hands-on training is your ticket to lead the way in a world where technology never stops evolving.  

Stay tuned for more insights on mastering technology and ensuring your team’s success. 

Barbara Črgar

Barbara Črgar

Barbara is an experienced Product Marketing Manager, demonstrating expertise in developing successful go-to-market strategies and elevating customer experiences. Outside of work, she embraces a hobby-loving nature, often found exploring the outdoors through activities like hiking and bouldering.
November 23, 2023