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Customer Story: Cultivating Excellence in Tech Skills – Comtrade’s Journey 

In today’s fast-paced tech world, staying competitive is a top priority. Comtrade, a trusted partner of ours, with over 1500 employees and a strong foothold in the software and services industry, embarked on a two-phase Skills Assessment journey.  

Their mission? To identify areas to boost their tech know-how, focusing on Azure and M365 platforms. 

This case study takes you through their journey, showcasing how skill assessments can make a real difference in the ever-changing tech landscape. 

Comtrade, initially founded as a software engineering and services company, has evolved into a versatile organization. With a presence in over 10 offices worldwide, they serve as a hub for fostering innovative technologies. 

Comtrade’s Skill Evolution: Overcoming Azure and M365 Challenges

Comtrade faced two challenges: 

      1. Skill Gap Identification: 

        • Identifying and addressing specific skill gaps within their tech teams, particularly in Azure and M365 platforms. 

          1. Unbiased Approach: 

            • The need for an unbiased understanding of the team’s skill levels. 

          “As our team and workload grew, we faced the challenge of navigating the increasing demands efficiently. Seeking a guided approach, we turned to a professional with extensive experience in skills assessment, requiring a comprehensive document with clear guidelines and goals.” – Oliver Nikolic, Services Consultant at Comtrade 

          The goal of the skills assessment was: 

              1. Comprehensive Skills Evaluation: 

                • Thorough evaluation of tech teams’ skills in Azure and M365 platforms. 

                  1. Unbiased Skill Assessment: 

                    • Provide an unbiased assessment of the team’s skills for informed decision-making. 

                  Key Steps from Start to Finish – Leadership Kick-off to Final Report

                  Our approach to the Skills Assessment included several key phases: 

                  Leadership Kick-off: 

                    • A deep dive into the assessment’s intricacies, clarifying measurement, calculation, and interpretation methods. 

                  Target Competency Levels: 

                    • Defining target competency levels based on business needs. 

                  Participant Communication: 

                    • Crafting clear messages for effective understanding and engagement. 

                  Participant Kick-off: 

                    • Initiating the assessment with a Teams call, explaining the purpose, survey process, and expected outcomes. 


                    • Participants self-assessed their knowledge and skill confidence. 

                  Result Validation: 

                    • Conducting interviews to adjust self-assessments for result accuracy. 

                  Final Report: 

                    • Analyzing and consolidating quantitative assessment results, complemented by qualitative interviews. 

                  How Skill Assessment Results Shape Strategic Learning and Business Alignment 

                  After the skills assessment, our recommendations for further learning were driven by assessment findings and participant feedback, structured by Domain and Topic. The tailored recommendations served as a strategic roadmap, ensuring the team acquires necessary skills to excel in their roles. 

                  “The results were transformative. Through the process, we gained valuable insights into the technologies best suited for our region of operation. This document became a cornerstone, allowing us to fine-tune our sales and hiring processes based on the outcomes of the skills assessment. It has been instrumental in aligning our strategies with the dynamic needs of our business.” – Oliver Nikolic, Services Consultant at Comtrade 

                  Conclusion: Comtrade’s Skill Assessment Journey Towards Ongoing Excellence

                  The Comtrade Skills Assessment project is a testament to the power of strategic skill assessment and development. By addressing critical skill gaps and providing a clear learning path, Comtrade has positioned itself for ongoing innovation and success.  

                  “The overall process was seamless and effective. The approach was spot-on, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Despite having team members in multiple countries and a dispersed workforce, the time consumption was well-managed. The entire experience with the skills assessment and planning has been a catalyst for positive change, enhancing our operations and strategic decision-making.” – Oliver Nikolic, Services Consultant at Comtrade 

                  This case study highlights the transformative impact of skill assessments and paves the way for more success stories in the fast-evolving tech industry. We’re excited to assist more clients on similar journeys toward excellence. 

                  Barbara Črgar

                  Barbara Črgar

                  Barbara is an experienced Product Marketing Manager, demonstrating expertise in developing successful go-to-market strategies and elevating customer experiences. Outside of work, she embraces a hobby-loving nature, often found exploring the outdoors through activities like hiking and bouldering.
                  December 1, 2023