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The Top Tech Trends that Will Shape the Future of Business in 2024

Technology is evolving faster than ever, and, as we know, the future is always under construction. Everything is trending at once, making it a challenge to pinpoint the most important tech trends. 

In this blog post, we’re going to highlight the top tech trends that will shape the future of business in 2024. 

Generative AI Sparks Faster Launches, Streamlined Efficiency, Personalization for All 

It’s logical to start with Generative AI, which may sound like just another tech buzzword, but its impact is revolutionary. 

Gartner’s prediction of an 80% enterprise adoption rate of Generative AI by 2026 goes hand in hand with the previous statement. Gartner also indicated that 45% of companies increased their AI budget for 2024. As many companies struggle with privacy and security issues, AI tools are evolving to improve transparency, control, and explainability. 

Generative AI will bring us faster product launches, increased operational effectiveness in business, hyper-personalization, and advanced technology available to all. 

Cybersecurity Is A Non-Negotiable Priority 

Security breaches are happening on an everyday basis, putting cybersecurity at the top priority for companies. As we dive into 2024, businesses need a practical and all-encompassing approach to boost their cybersecurity. From using encrypted services and training employees to conducting penetration tests and embracing Zero Trust models, the battle against cyber threats requires constant attention. Zero Trust ensures a strong defense by assuming potential breaches and carefully checking every access request, offering a solid shield against evolving cyber risks. 

“Figital” Convergence and Digital Twins: Redefining Reality 

Step into the era of “Figital” convergence, where the real and digital worlds meld effortlessly. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and immersive experiences intertwine, erasing the boundaries between the two realms. Paired with the concept of Digital Twins, this trend lets us create dynamic digital components that optimize and come to life in the real world. 

Green Tech: Sustainable Solutions are a Must 

The concern about climate change is more pressing than ever before, and technology plays a pivotal role in restoring ecological balance. As the impact of climate change grows, finding more sustainable solutions is a must. 

Governments and organizations are making substantial commitments to zero-emissions agreements and sustainable technologies. Leveraging the capabilities of AI, blockchain, cloud computing, extended reality, and robotics, the vision of a greener and more sustainable future becomes attainable without sacrificing efficiency or hindering business growth. 

In 2024, businesses are moving forward by aligning technology with environmental and social responsibility. 

Gartner predicts that by 2027, 80% of CIOs will have performance metrics tied to the sustainability of the IT organization. 

Industry Cloud Platform Introduction 

The adoption of cloud in different industries has been faster with industry cloud platforms (ICPs). With a modular approach blending SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, ICPs give businesses the flexibility to adapt processes and applications swiftly, fostering innovation. 

Gregor Petri, VP Analyst at Gartner, points out that ICPs essentially turn a cloud platform into a business innovation tool, and the projection is for over 70% of enterprises to adopt them by 2027. 

We all can agree that the tech landscape in 2024 will bring us endless possibilities, so let’s dive into this world of opportunities together! 

Barbara Črgar

Barbara Črgar

Barbara is an experienced Product Marketing Manager, demonstrating expertise in developing successful go-to-market strategies and elevating customer experiences. Outside of work, she embraces a hobby-loving nature, often found exploring the outdoors through activities like hiking and bouldering.
December 12, 2023