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A1 case study

Tech as a Fuel for Transformation: A1’s Journey with Nephos

To stay on top of your game, it’s important to think beyond your everyday tasks and projects. Innovation is the practical implementation of new ideas and is the key to leading the way in your industry. 

In this case study, we’ll showcase the Digital Innovation Booster program, where Tech as a Fuel for Transformation played a pivotal role. Through this initiative conducted for A1, we empowered teams to drive transformation and innovation. 

Envisioning Workshop: Defining Purpose and Setting Goals 

As part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital services in Central and Eastern Europe, cluster North Macedonia and Croatia is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions.  

The journey began with a meeting called the Envisioning Workshop. Here, we met with leaders and decide what the program was for, set goals, figure out how to measure success, and make a plan for when to innovate. This meeting was like building the starting point for A1’s journey into innovation. 

“The Digital Innovation Booster program, where Tech as a Fuel for Transformation played a pivotal role program has equipped A1 with the mindset, technological knowledge, and employee engagement required to explore and leverage new technologies, allowing us to successfully close a pivotal development program. This initiative has unlocked the potential of 5G, Data Analytics and AI, and Digital and Growth Marketing, fostering innovation and preparing our teams for the digital future.” – Nives Raic, Talent and Engagement Expert, A1 

Future Awareness Workshops: Nurturing Knowledge for Innovation 

Next, Nephos experts held Future Awareness Workshops to teach people about important trends for innovation. With these sessions we helped employees learn a lot about how technology is changing. This was important to them to come up with interesting ideas. 

Internal Ideation Sessions: Empowering Creativity 

After learning from the Future Awareness Workshops, people came together for brainstorming sessions. They used what they learned to come up with ideas to solve problems in the company and use the trends they identified. This encouraged everyone to work together and be creative. 

Idea Filtering and Grading: Selecting the Best 

We carefully reviewed and rated all the ideas to choose the best ones that matched A1’s goals. This thorough process made sure that only the most promising ideas moved forward. 

Project Transformation Workshops: Crafting Practical Solutions 

We created small teams with people from different departments for focused workshops. These workshops turned selected ideas into real projects, making sure we covered all aspects of implementation. 

Project Presentation to BDMs: Aligning with Business Priorities 

Detailed project plans, which combined all the work from the workshops, were shown to the Business Development Managers. This important step made sure that the chosen projects fit well with the company’s main goals and priorities. 

Project Selection, Funding, and Kick-off: Initiating the Innovation Cycle 

We carefully chose, funded, and started projects that matched A1’s main goals. This finished the innovation process and prepared A1 for ongoing success and improvement. 

Outcome: Fostering Creativity and Collaboration 

The Nephos Digital Innovation Booster program got 186 people involved, and they came up with 88 great ideas. From those, we developed 30 strong project proposals, showing how well we can work together to innovate. 

Participants: 186 

Ideas Generated: 88 

Project Proposals: 30 

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement: Ensuring Ongoing Success 

At the end of the cycle, A1 with the help of Nephos consultants reviewed everything thoroughly to see how well we did compared to what we expected. We worked together to make sure the projects were successful and matched A1’s innovation goals.  

If you’re ready to start innovating and make big changes in your company, get in touch with us at Nephos. Contact us now to find out how we can help you reach your innovation goals with our special solutions and knowledge. 

Barbara Črgar

Barbara Črgar

Barbara is an experienced Product Marketing Manager, demonstrating expertise in developing successful go-to-market strategies and elevating customer experiences. Outside of work, she embraces a hobby-loving nature, often found exploring the outdoors through activities like hiking and bouldering.
February 13, 2024