Business Operations Specialist

Zagreb, Croatia

If you love to organise things in a meaningful way, have a passion for working with different stakeholders this might be the right thing for you.

Business Ops Specialist (F/M)

Your main goal will be to optimise and control our internal processes and improve the company’s overall operations. You will be part of every major project we are working on. Also, you will have an overview of the whole business allowing you to make the best operational decisions. We will expect you to lead some of the projects and organise our internal resources to execute them timely and at professional level. 

Your essential duties as BOS:

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

Education and experience:

Work environment:

Salary and benefits:

A bit of clarification on what we do not ask (although if you did organise the Mars landing, that's a plus for sure):

  • A secretary – we are not that big
    • Everyone knows how to make a coffee
    • Everyone books accommodation and travel for themselves

  • 10 years of experience – we are happy with the experience in a similar position as long as you can show some results. if you are just finishing your degree – that’s great, you can show us any kind of experience from student associations or temporary jobs that can tell us a bit more about your competencies and work ethics.

  • Experience of launching a Mars module – our projects do not include rocket science, and we are sticking to the clouds for now. We need a person capable of managing projects with up to 20 people and 2-4 external stakeholders. If you executed a bigger offline event, launched a new product or service – this is the relevant experience.

  • Native English – we are not asking you to be a native speaker, but we do ask that you are good, both in written and spoken forms. We all use Grammarly, that’s not a minus, and a Russian/Slavic accent is part of the charm.

  • IT expert – first and foremost, we are an IT-related company, so we do ask that you are close with your tech. Maybe you will not know what is behind quantum computing, but let’s put the line at looking to the sky when we mention Cloud computing.

  • Remote work ninja – the story about ninjas is that you can’t see them until it’s too late. Don’t be a ninja. Most of the time, we are all in the office (at least for now), and it makes things faster and easier. If you prefer to work from home, you can take 2-3 days a week and balance between the office and your home. We know you will need time to make lunch or wash your laundry – you can plan your day as you wish, as long as the job is done.

About us:

Nephos is a boutique IT consulting company. Currently, we employ 7 people, working from our Zagreb office. Every year we are doubling our profits, and the team keeps growing – faster than our office space sometimes. We are working with clients from all over the world, some renowned and some so fresh and propulsive that you’ll be hearing about them in the future. Our main goal is to inspire organisations to become leaders by increasing their digital acumen. We are technology agnostic, and we adjust to our client’s needs. 

Join us!

You can submit your application in English or Croatian, what ever is easier for you – we will not test your language skills at this point.

What do we offer?

Like most tech companies, we are putting an emphasis on our employees satisfaction. Full scope of the benefits package is growing with us, so expect this chapter to expand.

Family friendly working hours

We are aware that you have a life outside work. So do we, and we value it highly. This means that we do not offer only flexible working hours, but also promise to respect your time off time.

Choose your system

You will be working with the top equipment of your choice – whether it’s MacOS or Windows. We are proud to be technology agnostic – everyone is welcomed.

Health insurance

In light of everything that is happening around us, we decided to cover additional medical insurance for all the employees. This includes a once-a-year medical checkup to make sure all systems are working optimaly.


Learning is our passion so we not only expect from you to keep on learning but we also provide you with as much learning opportunities as possible. From conferences to books and resources – if you want to learn we will see how we can make it possible.


Our client list is pretty divers – from local companies to government of Mauritius or clients in USA. Once things get back to normal you will have a chance to visit our clients around the world, taste the food and get to know new people and cultures.