Office Manager

Zagreb, Croatia

The key person making sure all our engines are running smoothly.

Office Manager (F/M)

We are looking for an aspiring individual (M/F) with a passion for putting things in order, who will help us organize our office affairs to best support our growing business. This person will be responsible for the complete functionality of our Zagreb office including vendor management (external accounting, facility, leasing, insurance, etc.) and fleet management. 

Who is an ideal candidate:

Our ideal candidate already has experience managing an office, managing multiple tasks/projects and handling essential paperwork. This person should be well-organized, self-driven, meticulous, and constantly on the go. As our team is energetic and vocal, candidates should be prepared to work in such an environment, willing to contribute and drive activities without being monitored and micro-managed. 

Your key responsibilites:

Your key responsibilities will fall into the following categories:

1. Finance and paperwork management

Includes but is not limited to managing external accounting including accounts payable and receivable, and keeping track of current monetary commitments (leasing, insurance, monthly expenses). The office manager also maintains employees’ day off policy, including related paperwork.

2. Office supplies and desk materials management

Making sure our office kitchens are stacked with groceries and supplies we cherish – mainly coffee, we crave a good cup of coffee. Also, means making sure that we have enough hygienic supplies as well as office supplies like staples, pens, markers, and printing paper (we print only necessary documents).

3. Reception and guests

You will sometimes be the first face our customers see and will be representing the whole company towards our visitors – that means we do expect you to provide them with a professional experience – greeting them with coffee, tea, and water and directing them to proper area, be it a waiting area or meeting room. You will also oversee receiving and managing the physical mail and packages.

4. Travel management

We tend to travel a lot, and sometimes we need help to make sure everything goes smoothly. This means we will (sometimes) need help with booking flights, hotels and other travel necessities. Also, we will need your help with travel expenses – making sure they are all in place and properly sent to accounting.

5. Fleet management

Nephos has a certain number of vehicles that need to be managed – ensure they are registered in time, are serviced, tiers are changed every season, etc. If you can manage a monthly wash – that would be the cherry on top.

Key requirements:

To do this you will need (or learn on the way) a specific set of skills:

Organisational skills

The ability to prioritise and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. This includes schedule management, coordination between teams and vendors, and handling different administrative tasks.

Communication skills

excellent communication and interpersonal skills are key to ensuring everyone is aligned and knows what they need to do. We expect you to be able to delegate and manage external vendors and contractors to complete tasks within your area of responsibility.

Problem-solving skills

As with every job, the role of an office manager will present you with some unexpected events that will require creative ways to make sure they end up on a positive note.

Technical skills

We are a tech (consulting) company, and we communicate via MS Teams, send a lot of emails, manage time in Outlook calendars, keep files on SharePoint and OneDrive, measure time and track projects with Productive – you will need to use those tools as well to make the company-wide experience the same for everyone.

Attention to detail

You will need a keen eye for detail and ensure that all tasks within your domain are done on time and efficiently.


Your job will require some flexibility. Things you set to do in the morning will probably not be the same ones you have done by the end of the day. We are agile and work in a fast-paced environment – you will need to keep up by shifting your to-dos and prioritising.

Working under pressure

No one likes constant stress and most days you will not feel pressure, but there are days/weeks when days are just too short, and you will feel the pressure to complete things in time. We hope you can perform well under a moderate amount of pressure.

What we offer:

About us:

Nephos is a boutique IT consulting company, operating from our offices in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. We are working with clients from all over the world, some renowned and some so fresh and propulsive that you’ll be hearing about them in the future. Our main goal is to inspire organisations to become leaders by increasing their digital acumen. We are technology agnostic, and we adjust to our client’s needs.

Join us!

You can submit your application in English or Croatian, what ever is easier for you – we will not test your language skills at this point.

What do we offer?

Like most tech companies, we are putting an emphasis on our employees satisfaction. Full scope of the benefits package is growing with us, so expect this chapter to expand.

Family friendly working hours

We are aware that you have a life outside work. So do we, and we value it highly. This means that we do not offer only flexible working hours, but also promise to respect your time off time.

Choose your system

You will be working with the top equipment of your choice – whether it’s MacOS or Windows. We are proud to be technology agnostic – everyone is welcomed.


Learning is our passion so we not only expect from you to keep on learning but we also provide you with as much learning opportunities as possible. From conferences to books and resources – if you want to learn we will see how we can make it possible.

Health insurance

In light of everything that is happening around us, we decided to cover additional medical insurance for all the employees. This includes a once-a-year medical checkup to make sure all systems are working optimaly.


Our client list is pretty divers – from local companies to government of Mauritius or clients in USA. Depending on your duties, you could be traveling with us.