Is there a way to learn containers in a day

Hands-on workshop

25.5.2023. | 09:00 - 17:00

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Is there a way to learn containers in a day

Yes, containers in a day are possible – and we will show you how during 8 hours of this trainer-led workshop. This hack is made for IT professionals and developers, interested in deploying cloud-native applications. We will focus on giving attendees a hands-on experience of working with Docker, Azure Containers Registry and Kubernetes by leveraging Azure Kubernetes Service.

You will be working in a team of up to 6 people, completing a set of challenges that will give you ready-to-apply knowledge for managing and deploying containers-based cloud applications.

Each team will become a part of a fictional philanthropic company IT department with a mission to launch a social network that will raise awareness about good causes and help them to raise funds for various charities.

You will be using the existing source code and deploy micro-services web application by leveraging Docker, Azure Containers Registry and Kubernetes via AKS.

Even though you will be working with the Cloud, you will still need a laptop so please bring your own. 🙂 


What you are going to do and learn?

Each team will be introduced to concepts of containers and Docker, you will be required to verify that the existing application works by building and testing it locally before pushing the container image to the Azure Container Registry.

Learning outcomes:
  • Understanding the basics of containerisation using Docker.
  • Creating and running containers from container images.
  • Building and testing container images locally.
  • Using Azure Container Registry to store and manage container images.

Your second challenge will be to focus on orchestration with Kubernetes, you will need to deploy containers, scale them as needed, and expose application endpoints by leveraging Azure Kubernetes Service.

Learning outcomes:
  • Understanding the basics of container orchestration using  Kubernetes.
  • Deploying and managing containers using Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Scaling containerised applications based on demand.
  • Creating services and ingress controllers to expose application endpoints.
  • Configure Kubernetes networking and DNS resolution

The final set of tasks will introduce you to monitoring and maintaining containerised applications using Azure Monitor, and you will be required to set up alerts and notifications for critical events, analyse container and cluster health metrics and optimise resource utilisation.

Learning outcomes:
  • Understanding the basics of monitoring and maintaining containerised applications.
  • Setting up alerts and notifications for critical events.
  • Analysing container and cluster health metrics to optimise resource utilisation.
  • Enhancing the performance and reliability of containerised applications.

About trainers:

Ivan Pranjić, Senior Technical Consultant

After some developer experience, Ivan becomes a Data&AI and Modern Apps Business Consultant in Microsoft, and afterwards, his career path leads him to be a Business Analyst in Blink. Today, Ivan is a proud member of Nephos where he is in a role of a Senior Technical Consultant engaging customers to broader their knowledge and apply modern solutions and practices into their daily business.

Ivan is Microsoft Certified Professional (AI-900, AI-100, DA-100, DP-203, AZ-700), and is currently Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Martin Pregl, Business Development Manager

Martin is a seasoned technology strategist, connecting the tech to business needs. 18 year’s experience in technology, sales, and marketing. Always open for a chat to solve issues and challenges. He loves architecting new Cloud Solutions, evangelizing Low code/No code, and helping organizations to build (tech) skills and certifications.

Martin is an MCT, Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect and an Azure Administrator.


Number of attendees is limited. This event is free for everyone, please keep in mind you need to be able to attend in person.

Event is at full capacity, you can join our waitlist below and we will let you know if you make the cut.

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