Stay Ahead in the Digital Era with Rapid Tech Team Upskilling

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Stay Ahead in the Digital Era with Rapid Tech Team Upskilling

Hands-on experience

Authentic hands-on learning experience, prepares engineers of all flavors for cloud-native development and deployment.

Hack and learn focuses on technologies like:

  • GPT 4.0 and Open AI
  • GitHub, Azure Devops
  • Docker and Kubernetes
  • Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform or Bicep
  • Spark, DataBricks, Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Fabric
  • Serverless
  • LowCode/NoCode with Power Platform
Hands-on experience​

Ready for the future of AI in Slack?


Big things are launching. Relive the highlights of World Tour New York!


How OpenAI expands ChatGPT with Slack.


Top Slack tips to boost productivity.


Real-life challenges

Take your IT teams to the next level as they tackle real-life hack and learn challenges in live AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments.

Dedicated coach

Our team of expert coaches, each with over a decade of experience working with more than 30 Fortune 500 companies, will lead you through the Hack and Learn challenges.

Team-based approach

Our team-based approach focuses on building strong teams through challenge-based learning.

Real-life scenarios

Explore a preset sandbox that replicates real-life scenarios for hands-on experience. Prove your skills without risking your live production environment.

Challenge Based Learning for Tech Teams

Apply for our fast-track learning program that prioritizes building ready to apply skills.

Save time and drive results

Customized three-day training program instead of 3 weeks of self-paced learning will help teams to absorb new technologies with direct support from our team of cloud experts.

Save time and drive results​

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Safe and secure sandbox environment​

Safe and secure sandbox environment

  • Production like environment to experiment and learn
  • No setup needed
  • No need to use company credentials, IP or any infrastructure

Quickly build practical expertise with Hack and Learn