Architecting for The Best.

GDi is an innovative and award-winning provider of applied technology solutions, with over 30 years of successful growth and over 1,000 customers worldwide.

Their proven, industry-focused business process software and data solutions operate on the world-leading technology platforms and are complemented by a full range of related professional services, training, and on-going long-term support.

GDi Ensemble product portfolio is focused on intelligent operations, intelligent assets, intelligent resources, smart data, and smart platforms.

Their deep industry knowledge and excellence in engineering are the key competitive advantages.

Operating in multiple markets globally and in several demanding industry verticals, GDI is persistently investing in innovation to boost growth and competitiveness.

“GDi embraces knowledge and experience provided by Nephos in order to grow, innovate, and make our software products sustainable for today and the future.”

Leon Šagovac,
Managing DirectorGDi Croatia

GDi and Nephos established a long-term partnership focused on the several strategic outcomes supporting GDI product strategy:

GDi is continuously supported by Nephos in the following areas: 

Cloud solution architecture for GDi Ensemble Cloud, Software and Data products – high-level design guidelines for the implementation of specific technical functionalities such as identity, data persistence, information interchange between components, and the underlying infrastructure.  

Upskilling product owners, software developers, and system engineers thru tailored workshops encompassing technical, process, and organizational parts to build individual and organizational competencies for Cloud Computing, microservices architecture, and DevOps practices.

Cloud Software Licensing support – Nephos is evaluating, optimizing, and providing the best possible licensing solutions supporting the internal needs of GDi or specific their end-customer scenarios and business cases.

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