Modern microservice architecture empowering digital transformation​

Nephos Nelt Case Study

Nelt Group is one of the leading regional distribution and logistics companies. With more than 25 years of experience in FMCG, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals portfolios, Nelt ensures the client’s supply chain optimization with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Quality of service, brand knowledge, and market coverage are the key competitive advantages of the Nelt Group. Maintaining an existing customer base and organic growth is essential for the company. Therefore, Nelt Group continuously invests efforts in the implementation and modernization of its digital solutions.

Given the rapid advancement of technology, Nelt has recognized the need to modernize its applications and the entire IT platform. To assist them in this process, they choose Nephos to assess the NELT Market system’s current state, design the modern new architecture, and upskill the product owners, developers, and system engineers involved in creating Nelt’s digital future.

“Nephos is a highly-skilled partner with professional consultants, which help us make wise architectural and technical decisions for our digital future.”

Milan Bukorović, CIO, Nelt Group 

The architectural workshops defined the future needs of the system with an emphasis on identity management, data layer, integration and communication, and infrastructure. The future system will need to serve a potentially large number of users, so high scalability and durability become crucial requirements for future architecture.

From the workshop findings as well as development plans of the future system, Nephos has designed a new microservices -based architecture, decoupling the current monolithic components by their business function.

The new architecture proposes a single authentication and authorization system for all current and future system users and unifying the information interchange leveraging a modern Enterprise Service Bus (eg., AMQP-based communication). The internal team and their vendors are going to deliver all future components as containers, which will enable Nelt to define and implement a development strategy based on the most-current DevOps practices of modern software development.

Nephos also helped Nelt with the upskilling of their product owners, developers, and system engineers. Delivered workshops encompassed technical, process, and organizational parts to build individual and organization competencies for Cloud Computing, microservices architecture, relational and non-relational databases, and DevOps practices.

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