Ensuring high level of technology readiness and quality.

Spiroflex is a high-tech production company focused on the design and application of bellows and expansion joints ensuring that their clients have an optimal solution for modern piping construction. More than 90% of Spiroflex products are custom made, developed in accordance with customer-specific requirements. 

Spiroflex metal bellows expansion joints

“Nephos is a highly-skilled partner with professional consultants, which help us make wise architectural and technical decisions for our digital future.”

Milan Bukorović, Chief Information Officer, Nelt Group 

To ensure its high level of technology readiness and quality and permanent technological improvement embedded in its products, Spiroflex needs to concentrate on their core business and outsource other supportive functions. 

One of those detected functions is IT, too. Spiroflex chose us as a trusted partner for providing an optimal business productivity stack of tools. 


Analysis of the working environment showed that productivity tools are top priority in supporting Spiroflex’s business goals.


As the result, Microsoft 365 Business cloud services are implemented. 

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