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Nephos services - Architecture

The architecture of digital solutions provides high-level design guidelines for the implementation of specific technical functions such as identity, data layer, information interchange between components, and the underlying infrastructure for those components. It is the key to success in the modern technical world where there are many options for delivering each part of the solution, created by multiple vendors and various open-source contributors. Putting the pieces together becomes priority number 1 for the organizations that wish to succeed in the digital world.

Architecture review

Nephos services - Architecture - review

Interactive workshops led by our subject-matter experts aimed to grasp all information about existing architecture, infrastructure, application platforms, data management, and integration.

Together with stakeholders from your organization, we will identify desired business outcomes and success indicators that will help guide the future architecture planning and design process.

Architecture planning

Nephos services - Architecture - planning

We start with an interactive workshop led by our senior architect to define the desired future architecture. Engagement is covering all components of (micro) service architecture and how to use them in your digital projects, based on our vast experience and industry best practices.

Together with your team, we will jointly identify technical and organizational prerequisites to ensure successful implementation.

Nephos services - Architecture - planning

Architecture design

This engagement involves our multidisciplinary expert team on the analysis of all information collected earlier and preparation of the initial proposal for the future architecture. We are considering organizational business goals, interdependence on other systems, available technical and financial resources, and the expected timeline of implementation. 

The outcome is a documented future-proof architecture covering all aspects, including guidance regarding organizational support for the development process (DevOps). 

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