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The goal of a digital strategy is to align investments in digital technologies with organizational business goals. A digital strategy is a strategic plan formulated to achieve specific goals leveraging digital technologies. At the same time, strategies must identify key areas for improvement in the form of defined objectives, measures, and activities to achieve them.

The strategy guides principle, without addressing the manner and dynamics of the execution of individual activities, which should be defined by separate operational plans.

Every digital strategy, to be successful, needs to encompass technical, process, and cultural aspects specific to the organization.

At the same time, the digital strategy sets fundamental guidelines for planning and implementing all technical and organizational initiatives in which digital technologies are applied.

To ensure the relevance and usefulness of digital strategy, it should be seen and used as “live” content subject to change to accommodate changes in business objectives or expectations of key stakeholders in the organization.

Core principles


Nephos digital strategies are built on the 8 core principles:

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